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What is the Difference between Blade and Bladeless Lasik Treatment?

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Lasik treatment isn’t a new kind of treatment to permanently correct your vision. Since several decades it has been successfully practiced. Only the techniques and process of the treatment has changed for easier and effective treatment. There are dual options of treatment like Lasik therapy using blade and bladeless Lasik treatment. Both provide desired results to however there is slight difference between them. You need to understand the difference to help in to opt for the desired kind of Lasik treatment.

The differences:

Lasik treatment utilizing blade:

  • It is well known as Microkeratome Lasik treatment that costs less compared to other kind of eye treatments involving laser therapies.
  • It is an oscillating blade used carefully by expert ophthalmologists to cut a slight hinged flap in the cornea.
  • The most beneficial feature of this kind of Lasik treatment is that the special blade tool can cut nicely through the color, opacity or the pupil part of eye with lesser efforts.
  • The occurrence of inflammation is quite less. Thus, the chances of recovering fast from the treatment are more.

Bladeless Lasik treatment:

  • In this kind high powered femtosecond laser is utilized to cut the flap in the cornea of the eye.
  • It is beneficial to do as it is more accurate and heals fast. This happens due to uniform thinner corneal flaps involved in the surgery process.
  • There are negligible chances of occurrence of corneal abrasions and astigmatism after the surgery process is completed.
  • It is basically used to help in correcting nearsightedness. Yes, as the surgeon can create the required shape and size of corneal flaps for its edges to be structured rightly for fast healing process to enjoy.

  • The damage to cornea is less compared to other kind of eye’s cornea laser treatments. However, if not rightly done there are chances of developing some issues. Inflammation underneath the flap can occur if femtosecond laser isn’t perfectly used in the treatment process. In future, epithelial growth can be seen under the flap.

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