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Various Forms of Plastic Surgery Popular Today

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Technology never stops developing and this has brought us many wonderful things, changing the way we live our lives, and if you are unhappy with any aspect of your body, the chances are plastic surgery is the answer. Just as Istanbul is the capital of the hair transplant industry, Bangkok is home to the best plastic surgery clinics, and here are a few of the popular treatments available today.

  • Rhinoplasty – The nose job is very popular, particularly with Asian women, who tend to have a shallow bridge to their nose, and beautiful nose surgery (called เสริมจมูกสวย in Thai) is available in Bangkok. Some women have a protruding bridge, causing a loss of self-confidence, and with rhinoplasty, the nose can be reshaped to the client’s requirements. There are several ways to reshape the nose, with both open and closed rhinoplasty, and sometimes the surgeon will recommend natural nose surgery, which involves the manipulation of bone and cartilage to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Breast Augmentation – Another very popular cosmetic treatment, and women with small breasts can benefit from silicone implants, or alternatively, the breasts can be tightened and reshaped to remove sagging. The surgeon would require an initial consultation with a would-be patient, during which he would identify the desires of the client, before he would make a recommendation. Whether you would like your breasts enlarged or reduced, talk to a reputable plastic surgeon, who would be able to make a treatment recommendation.
  • Chin Augmentation – If a person feels that they have a rather square jaw, or that it is elongated and doesn’t look natural, then it is possible to reshape the jawbone. There are several techniques that might be used by the plastic surgeon, and with images, you will soon find a jaw shape that you like, and if it is realistic with your facial features, the surgeon would make a recommendation on the best form of surgery to reshape the jaw.

Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

It might seem like a challenge to find a goof plastic surgeon, but you can start with friends; if a friend or someone you know has recently had plastic surgery, then you could ask about their experience. Other than personal recommendations, you can carry out an online search, which will give a long list of Bangkok plastic surgery clinics, and you can begin to browse.

Once you have found the right clinic, simply book an introductory consultation and take it from there.

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