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Tips to Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure – Know What Are They

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Few people may be surprised to hear about the tattoo removal laser treatment because the technology is emerged recently. If you want to transform your old tattoo into a new one or remove a name or words, laser removal treatment is the best option because it is not only effective but also safe too.

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The following are few tips that help you in preparing for laser tattoo removal treatment both physically as well as mentally.

Manage your expectations

Even though, laser treatment is successful, sometimes the tattoo may not be completely removed. In such cases, your tattoo becomes less visible and you can see unclear image on the skin. Before making a commitment, talk to the expert. A tattoo-removal professional will help you get an idea about the procedure and expectations.

Eat well and stay hydrated before the procedure

Dehydration or undergoing procedure on empty stomach may cause vertigo or light headedness. Get some calories in order to avoid risks like swooning or faintness.

Do not expose to sun

A professional laser removal technician will not perform the procedure if your skin is tanned or sunburned because skin becomes more sensitive when exposed to sun. So, take a break and stay away from sun at least 2 weeks before the appointment.

Remove colorful tattoos

One of the major advantages of laser removal is that you can even remove the darker colors such as blue, green, and red that are hard to remove completely. Advanced technologies like PICO, are helpful to remove dark colors in less time compared to earlier lasers.

Avoid cosmetic products

Laser treatment will be performed on the clean and unadorned area, so don’t use perfume, lotion, make-up, and others before the appointment.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

In case, your tattoo design is in the area, which is covered by the clothes. Then, wear soft and loose clothes when going to the procedure because the treated area may swell up during the procedure. Even though, it lasts for just 1 or 2 hours but wearing tight fitted clothes may cause discomfort to you.

Additionally, quit smoking, avoid taking medications like aspirin and ibuprofen, and ask your medical technician for other medications or creams.

For effective results, do some research, choose a reliable laser clinic that offer quality services, and book your appointment today.

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