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Tips to Become Fitter and Healthier

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Let’s face it, we all need to stay active and as we age, physical activity plays an increasingly vital role in our overall health & well-being. If you have noticed a few extra pounds around your midriff and are not getting enough exercise, here are a few tips to help you become a fitter and healthier person.

  • Enrol in a fitness class – Whether looking for fitness in Pattanakarn or any other part of Bangkok, a quick Google search will reveal the whereabouts of your nearest fitness center and you can pop round and see what’s on offer.
  • Invest in a mountain bike – Getting around on two wheels will make you fitter, plus you’ll save money by leaving the car in the garage. You could join up with a local riding group and make lots of new friends and see some of the beautiful countryside.
  • Balanced diet – If your diet leaves a lot to be desired, this can have a negative impact on your overall health & well-being; you can order fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables from a local farm, plus take a look at an online health food store. If you are planning a fitness campaign, make sure you are getting enough in the way of protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals, as your body will need it.
  • Home workouts – Thanks to YouTube, you can follow suitable fitness routines from the comfort of your own home and you only need to invest in a couple of dumbbells and a few weights to get started. Of course, you may not have the room to workout at home, in which case visit your local fitness center a few times a week.
  • Take up jogging – Running is a great way to improve your cardio, which is why boxers and MMA fighters include running in their training. A few miles every morning will set you up for the day and if you prefer, use the treadmill at your local fitness center.
  • Hire a personal trainer – This is the best way to ensure that you smash your fitness goals and most fitness centers and MMA gyms have personal trainers on their books.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you can do to become fitter and healthier and the sooner you set the ball in motion, the better. Your local fitness center runs classes for all ages and levels, so pay them a visit and see what you think.

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