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The Dental Implant Procedure Explained in Detail

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The dental implant process entail a series of stages which leads to the patient having a natural looking tooth where they used to have a gap in the first place. The first step entails consultation where the patient needs to discuss their needs and any concerns that they have on their mind with the person who will be conducting the surgery. To book an appointment with Centre Dentaire St. Onge, feel free to visit us at our clinic or visit our website https://centredentairestonge.com/soins-dentaires/implants-dentaires-et-implantologie/.

This lets the patient to solicit information about what would suit them the most, the advantages they could gain from having a dental implant conducted on them and the surgeon can solicit the details needs to make an informed plan and strategy which may entail x rays, models, and tooth mock ups. Once the treatment plan has been discussed with the patient, and a quote has been condoned upon, the surgery is conducted as long as the patient is totally satisfied with the dental implant process and is aware of what entails in the imminent stage.

The dental implant process lets the surgeon to conduct replacement teeth in the mouth with the help of a titanium post which is anchored below the gum line and acts like a tooth root. Once the surgeon has implanted the post, it is then set aside to fuse in with the bone prior to the next stage. The imminent part of the dental implant process entails the amalgamation of an abutment which is normally made of titanium and is attached to the implant through a screw. A temporary crown which is deemed softer than the permanent crown helps in the healing process. It is sometimes provided while the permanent crown is built with the patient’s teeth and gum tissue.

When the permanent crown is being built, it is then attached to the abutment and stays fixed in the mouth, unlike the dentures. It looks, feels, and works like a natural and original tooth.

So, what happens after the dental implant surgery?

After the successful completion of the dental implant process, there needs to be a discussion regarding dental implant care and maintenance. The surgeon will explain you the most effective methods of cleaning and maintenance of a healthy implant. A follow up appointment is suggested to inspect the implant health and patient’s care regime.

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