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Rough Workout? Try these 3 things for Muscle Relief

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It’s hard to work out and not feel sore afterwards. The muscle aches and stiffness that you experience is because your muscles are trying to repair themselves after pushing them harder than they’re used to.

This can be a sore type process, but luckily there are some things you can do for relief if it becomes too much! In this blog post we’ll cover three ways you can soothe those aching muscles: cold therapy, stretching, and massage.

Types of relief measures:

  • Cold therapy is an excellent way to relieve pain. By using ice, you can reduce your muscle temperature and help decrease any inflammation that caused the soreness in the first place. You should always be careful when applying cold packs directly on skin; make sure never to keep them there for more than 20 minutes at a time (and don’t put multiple ones on top of each other).
  • Stretching is also great for recovery! This will not only make you flexible but it’ll lengthen those tight muscles as well. A good example would be doing planks; this exercise works many areas of the body so it’s perfect if you need some relief after leg day or arm day!
  • The last thing we recommend is massage therapy. We know how gruesome it is to have sore muscles, but experts believe that massage will help relax them and increase their circulation. This can be done by a person who knows it or you can use your hands on yourself! Just slowly work the knots out of your muscle groups using small circular motions with both thumbs. Get an easy cbd muscle rub for your body massages.

How To Exercise Efficiently?

The first is to find a workout that works for your body type and level of fitness. For example if you have trouble getting through an intense cardio session it may be time to switch over to strength training or Pilates.

Secondly, change up your exercise routine at least once every 4 weeks so that muscles don’t get too used to one movement pattern which can lead them to become stronger but also tighter in some areas.

Finally, make sure you take care outside of the gym by eating well balanced meals and drinking lots of water! These three simple solutions should help ease any discomfort from rough workouts while still letting you enjoy being active and live healthy.

The Final Words

For those of you that want a different option than massage therapy or aromatherapy, we recommend trying acupuncture. It has been done in Asian cultures for centuries with tremendous success!

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