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Knowing The Different Types Of Kratom: A Look At Popular Strains!

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Mitragynaspeciosa, commonly called kratom, is a tree found in Southeast Asia. It is known for its alkaloids, primarily mitragynine, which can have incredible effects on the human body. When taken in lower doses, kratom leaves can produce a soothing but energizing effect, but at higher doses, one can experience sedative effects. It’s the surprising effects of kratom that has got this tropical tree immense popularity in alternative medicine. Traditionally, kratom has been used for various health and other benefits in Southeast Asia for centuries. It is also locally known as thang or thom.

If you are interested in kratom, you can check for brands like In Sense Botanicals that have a wide range of products, starting from powder and capsules, to tinctures and extracts. Here is a quick overview of kratom at a glance.

How to consume kratom?

Besides products we just mentioned, kratom is available as tea too. Fresh and dried kratom leaves are used in various forms, but if you are buying online, your best bet are powders or capsules. There is some history of kratom leaves being smoked, just like cannabis, but that’s not really popular, even among locals.

What are the common strains of kratom?

Just like cannabis, there are different strains of kratom, each one having its own effects.

  • Maeng da species can be red, while or standard green in color, and it can be particularly useful in getting energy, especially when taken in low doses.

  • Indo kratom, true to the name, is from Indonesia and doesn’t have as much of a stimulating impact as other kratom options. Indo kratom can be considered for relaxation and pain relief, but many people rely on this strain for reducing anxiety symptoms.
  • Also called Bali kratom, red vein kratom is great for pain relief and has been associated with opioid-like effect. It is particularly helpful for getting relief from chronic body pain and depression.
  • Green Malay is the fourth strain, originating in Malaysia. For those who want to concentrate and focus better, Green Malay is a good choice, but when taken in high doses, it does have a sedative impact.
  • Borneo kratom is another strain that’s known for its sedative effect on the human body. For those dealing with stress, this could be their choice.

There are also other varieties of kratom. Always get your products from a source or brand you can rely on, to get the maximum benefits.

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