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How does an aging brain affect your thinking?

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The brain is in charge of many thinking aspects. The aspects include planning, organizing, remembering, and making decisions. All these cognitive abilities control how you do your daily tasks. They dictate if you can live an independent life. Despite this, you can boost old age brain functioning if you take the best vitamins for brain fog. Here you will get six ways how thinking and memory change with aging.

How thinking and memory change with aging

 Most people only think of memory when talking about brain function or cognition. There is much more than this.

Processing speed

It’s how fast your brain can process data and offer a response like giving an answer or making a move. It’s about how fast you can execute a mental task. The processing speed affects every function of the brain.

When you age, your processing speed reduces (a linear decline). The problem begins in early adulthood. By 70 years, the processing speed is meager than the one you had in your 20s. You will need more time to take in information and formulate an appropriate response. You may also struggle with complex tasks that need high processing speed. For example, driving.


It’s the ability to recall information. A person will have trouble recalling something. It’s either because he had problems encoding information or retrieving it. Older people are good at keeping information acquired, but it takes longer to retrieve it. They will take longer in solving complex problems or weigh any complicated decision. They become forgetful of the recent happenings.


It’s the ability to focus and concentrate on specific issues to process the related data. It includes divided, selective, and sustained attention.

The selective and divided attention worsens as you age. You quickly get distracted by visual clutter, noise, or any busy situation. You will need more effort to pay attention when other things are going on. You won’t manage to multi-task or switch between tasks as you get old.

Language skills

The language skills have different abilities related to producing and understanding languages. As you age, vocabulary and comprehension of written language remain stable. Speech comprehension and language production decline with age. You will take time to retrieve older words and understand distorted or rapid speech.

Executive functioning

They are the mental skills needed for problem-solving. The skills also aid in organizing, planning, appropriate behavior, and mental flexibility. The executive functioning declines as you reach 70 years. You will take long or struggle to execute any demanding executive function task.

Emotional processing

It’s the way you regulate and process emotions, especially negative emotions. Older people face many changes that make them more optimistic. It includes the following:

  • Being attentive to positive things
  • Remembering them
  • Withdrawing or not paying attention to stimulating negative scenarios.


You can do many things to boost your mental health, even in old age. Apart from a balanced diet rich in nutrients, you need brain supplements. They will keep your brain fit for the above tasks.

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