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Guide to Kratom For Beginners – Know the Basics Before Trying Kratom

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Kratom is a tree native to South Asia with medicinal properties. It needs particular environmental factors like arid climate and excessive sunlight to thrive. Majority of males in Malaysia and Thailand have been chewing its leaves for years, but the ingredient has started gaining attention in other countries only recently.

Choose the right kratom vendor:

Though there is an abundance of kratom trees it can be quite tricky to find reasonable kratom vendors since it is a newly emerging botanical in the western countries. Not all vendors you find are legitimate and offer high-quality kratom. If you are looking for reputable online kratom dealers in California, check out Gold Leaf Botanicals.

They feature the highest quality kratom in the market and offer a choice between a handful of potent kratom strains. They ship kratom to anywhere in the USA where kratom is legal. As in with any health supplements, you’ll have to learn about the kratom products before proceeding with your purchase.

Things to know before purchasing kratom:

Strain types: Red, white and green vein (named after the color of the strain) are the predominant strains and each deliver different results. The difference in the color is due to the drying procedure used. Gold vein kratom and other blends are a combination of the above three strains.

  • Red vein kratom: Promotes a sense of relaxation
  • White vein: Serves as an energy and mood booster
  • Green vein: Pain relief and sedation along with mild euphoria

Ways of administration:

  • Chewing: The traditional method of kratom consumption is chewing the leaves.
  • Powder: You can brew the kratom powder with tea or add it to a fruit smoothie
  • Capsules: Though powder is more commonly used due to its potent nature, those who are put off by the strong flavor of kratom opt for kratom capsules.


  • Moderate dosage: 2 – 4 gm
  • Strong dosage: 3 – 5 gm
  • Very strong: 5 – 8 gm

Purchase kratom only from a licensed vendor. Check the vendor credentials before making a purchase. Read their client reviews online and see if they found the products effective. A genuine vendor is someone who offers a range of strains and doesn’t prove their products too low. It’s the low-quality ones that can be accessed cheaper.

After ensuring that consumption of kratom is legal in your country, place your order. Get rid of ailments the natural way using Kratom.

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