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Bio hacking Secrets

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What is biohacking? Bio hacking is a trendy and volatile trend among intellectuals in Silicon Valley. Or an opportunity to dramatically extend your life and improve the quality of your life? This article will explain the differences between biohacking and healthy living and how to “promote your brain”.

Biohacking VS anti-age

Because bio hacking has a common message, which is the desire to live a long and active life, it’s sometimes mistaken for anti-aging philosophy. Biohacking, however, is a more broad concept that has very specific goals. Anti-aging medicine is designed to prolong youth. There are many aesthetic methods that can be used to remove any signs of aging.

Biohacking refers to more than just external youth and health. It also includes the development of the brain’s youth. Alzheimer’s disease, a form of memory loss, is becoming more popular in the 21st century. Everyone knows how to get rid of wrinkles, flabbiness and other body problems. Only the elect can retain their common sense and sharp memory for many years.

Can you live 100-120 years in a megacity with all its stresses and environmental impacts? You can, under these conditions, live long.

How do you do this? Hack yourself and your brain, in particular. This is to learn, to solve complex problems, to work long hours, surpassing standard skills, and to avoid any competitors.

Biohacking is a way to become superman (Neohuman)

Biohacking: Where do you start? Get to know yourself first! You may think you know everything about yourself and your body, but you are wrong. You can’t know a lot even if you have regular check-ups or complete medical examinations, monitor blood sugar levels, blood pressure and other indicators.

Are you aiming to live with a clear mind for at least 100 more years? Learn more about your body to help it thrive. Individuals are responsible for assessing the risks and potential consequences of their internal organs and systems.

Learn more about yourself and go beyond your basic health care. You must first evaluate the abilities of your brain and teach them how to make quick decisions. It’s possible to do it now for less than what the first biohackers needed to spend.

Intellect and long-term thinking

It is crucial to take care of your body’s health if you want to live long. To be a Superman, you must follow healthy living habits, eat well, and exercise regularly. To make your brain work better and increase its capabilities, it is more important to “get smarter”. This will allow you to adjust your whole body to live a longer, intelligent life.

While we agree that “all people are equal” and “all have the same opportunities”, the statement is mildly exaggerated. Many people are close-minded and don’t strive for advancement. (You are not one, because you are reading this article.

Homo sapiens & Peptides

We can conclude that all primates have evolved to become human because of the universal equality theory. This is false. Not all primates were able to become humanized, and most became gorillas or chimpanzees.

The high levels of specific protein compounds found in brain cells, namely peptides, may have made it possible for Homo sapiens to develop at a higher rate than other Homo species. The brain was able to respond quickly and accurately in extreme situations thanks to peptides. Homo sapiens was able to respond quickly and accurately to stress, which allowed them to grow faster than their relatives.

This theory is valid and has been proven to be true.

These peptides help us today to reach the next stage of natural evolution – the Superman (neohuman). These peptide complexes help to protect the brain against overload, reduce emotional stress and restore the psycho-emotional state. They can extend your life and greatly improve its quality.

Bio hacking methods

These components, together, can help you live longer: healthy sleep, regular, short-term fasting and rational nutrition, optimal hormone levels, the ability to fully recover, relax, regular meditation, and regular sex.

A healthy diet can’t provide 100% of the essential nutrients to your body, no matter what method you use. Your brain cannot be fed with the right food to solve complex tasks.

Bio hacking is different from anti-aging therapy in that it requires dietary supplements and micronutrients. Here, measurement and sound mind are crucial. Brainiacs are the most criticized for their excessive drug use. They practice long-term self-prescription without consulting specialists.

The difference between peptides and drugs is that they are not drugs. Peptides are a group of substances whose molecules consist of residues from organic compounds – amino acids. Peptides can be easily absorbed by the body and have no side effects.

For your longevity, take short peptides

After a thorough exam, most micronutrients or medicines should only be prescribed by a doctor. Peptides are much easier to use: you can now start giving your brain peptides if you wish to increase its abilities.

Active nutritional supplements now have peptide complexes made by Peptide Bioregulators, which gives biohacking a new meaning. This unique combination includes a complex of amino acids and short peptides. Bio hacking can be made easier by creating new peptide combinations that will allow you to live up to 100 to 120 years with a healthy mind and body.

Amino-peptide complexes improve concentration and learning ability. This complex stimulates the brain’s work by eliminating free radicals, increasing blood circulation, and improving mental activity. This composition’s main component is NEURO 3 Plus, a peptide compound that restores blood vessels including the brain. It also improves brain function by removing all blood vessel damage.

The unique Amino Peptide reduces emotional effort and helps to restore your psycho-emotional state. The peptide composition is carefully formulated to reduce irritability, increase concentration, normalize sleep, and improve intellectual ability.

The Amino Peptide has a positive effect on brain cells’ bioenergy and metabolic processes. The complex can improve mental activity, strengthen cortical-subcortical links, stimulate learning ability, memory, and increase brain resistance to harmful factors. This complex contains short peptides that immediately reach their maximum concentration in bloodstreams and significantly increase the effectiveness of the composition.

Bio hacking may be given a new boost by the discovery of new peptide compounds. With their support, dreams of living 100-120 years in a healthy lifestyle are becoming more realistic. These dreams will become a reality for people with high intelligence, who are able to improve their lives and “promote” their brains.

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