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Know How Sclerotherapy Helps with Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

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Sclerotherapy is the most effective and proven treatment to cure spider and varicose veins that is being used since 1930s. In this treatment, an injection will be given directly to the patient’s vein so that blood vessel malformations will get shrink.

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Sclerotherapy for varicose and spider veins

Vein diseases are rarely reduced by single treatment. Most of the cases need several sessions on legs to get rid of spider or varicose veins. You may feel mild cramping or discomfort for 1 to 2 minutes while injecting salt solution, especially in case of larger veins.

The procedure lasts for 15-30 minutes and it is performed at the office of doctor under the supervision of a professional surgeon or dermatologist. Depending on the location and size your doctor will inject the solution on the veins.

Only single leg will be treated in a session. After the session, you have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to retreat the leg again in order to notice the effect of previous treatment. After the procedure, you will look worse because the solution leaves welts just like mosquito bites.

Things you have to follow after sclerotherapy

  • While taking treatment avoid anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen, aspirin or others for 48 hours or more, you can use Tylenol, if required. After treatment you can drive yourself to home and continue your regular activities.
  • You have to wear compression stockings for support following each treatment. According to studies, wearing hose for 3 weeks can offer better response to the patient.

  • Keeping needle into the vein can cause bruising, so protect the area from sun exposure. After treatment, sun exposure can increase risk of staining.
  • Exercise, bike ride or walking for 30 minutes daily can help in the process of healing, but avoid lifting heavy weights because it may cause trapping.
  • Also, avoid hot compresses, saunas, whirlpools or hot bath for over 48 hours after treatment.

Mostly, people will respond to sclerotherapy in 3 to 6 weeks and those with larger veins can notice the effectiveness in 3 to 4 months. Veins that respond to sclerotherapy will not appear again.

There are many clinics that offer sclerotherapy at affordable price, choose the best one and consult today to stay healthy.

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