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Compare Different Models Before Choosing The Suitable Iontophoresis Machine

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Iontophoresis is the treatment of hyperhidrosis (the tendency of a body to sweat excessively). The treatment involves a process of mild electric shocks to the problematic area. The process is administered using the Iontophoresis Machine. However, several machines in the market offer distinctive features. To choose the best possible treatment, it is safe to compare different models of iontophoresis machines.

Different Machines for Iontophoresis:

  • Hiderex PSP 1000- one can administer this machine in full direct current mode or varied pulse current mode. It also allows adjusting the strength of current depending upon the treatment area. The control pad feature in the device makes it convenient to use. Ingrained within is a memory function in the machine that records the current levels and treatment times. The machine costs around $695. The preceding models, however, are less expensive.
  • Indromed 5 PS- It uses the pulsed current mode for treatment. These electrodes come in either original aluminum or stainless steel. The screen allows the user to monitor the treatment details. This machine is used specifically for sensitive patients (children) or for treating delicate body parts (underarms.) It costs around $675-$710.
  • DermaDry- This anti-sweat machine is used for hands, feet, and underarms. The machine is convenient to use and caters to customized needs as well. The cost-effective solution makes it more preferable than the other devices. The home-use feature of this machine is an added incentive to its users.
  • Electro Antiperspirant Elite – This is one of the most popular devices. Embedded with an efficient battery and AC powered feature, it eradicates the problem of low-inefficient batteries. It allows the simultaneous treatment of both hands and feet. It deals with any sensitive part of the body. The cost is around $ 970- $1125.
  • A Fischer Md 1-a- This FDA approved device treats hands, feet, and underarms. However, it requires a prescription from a doctor before purchase. The device uses a direct current mode for effective treatment. However, the machine has an unattractive design and an unportable feature that poses transportation problems.

Comparison Table for the machines

To compare different models, there are several factors taken into consideration. These factors are the Name of Machines, Current Type, Current Source, and Price.

  • Hidrex PSP 100
    • Both: Pulsed and Direct
    • Main Powered
    • $695
  • Infomed 5 PS
    • Pulse
    • Main Powered
    • $675
  • DermaDry
    • Pulsed
    • Main Powered
    • $299
  • Electro Antiperspirant Elite
    • Pulsed
    • Main Powered
    • $970
  • A Fischer Md 1-A
    • Direct
    • Main Powered
    • $650

The Bottom-line

Iontophoresis is an effective treatment for excessive sweat glands. Since it involves electric shocks, it is best to seek a medical consultant first. Choose the device wisely and according to your treatment area, budget and reviews. Moreover, it would help if you took several Precautions beforehand to avoid unpleasant situations.

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