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ADHD Simplified: Check The Symptoms, Types, Causes And Treatment!

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ADHD is the short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. People with ADHD often have a hard time concentrating on things and exhibit hyperactive behavior. Adults and children can both have ADHD. In this post, we are discussing further on ADHD treatment and management.

What are the common symptoms?

Patients with ADHD can have a wide range of symptoms. More commonly, they have difficulty in concentrating on tasks and activities. They may also forget certain tasks assigned to them, or get distracted. Most patients also have an issue in sitting still for a long time, or tend to interrupt others when they are talking. The symptoms are also dependent on the type of ADHD.

Knowing the types of ADHD

There are three types of ADHD – ‘predominantly inattentive’, ‘predominantly hyperactivity-impulsive’, and a combination of both. Patients withpredominantly inattentive often have a hard time focusing on tasks assigned or getting instructions right. Someone with predominantly hyperactive-impulsive ADHD is more likely to show impulsive or hyperactive behavior. Kids, in particular, tend to be more fidgety with this type of ADHD. The most-common type of ADHD is a mix of both. Patients are not just inattentive, but also hyperactive at the same time. They may have more energy than an average individual.

What causes ADHD?

Researchers still have no clue what exactly causes ADHD, but it has been accepted as a neurological disorder. Genetics may have some impact, while decline in dopamine levels is also considered to be one of the factors.

How is ADHD treated and managed?

If you believe that your child has ADHD¸ talk to a doctor. There is no singular test to diagnose ADHD, but doctors may rely on various sources to understand the behavior of the child. In terms of treatment, ADHD is often managed using medications, but the focus is typically more on therapy. Psychotherapy may be recommended, while doctors may also suggest behavioral therapy. Medications, if required and needed, will help in controlling behavior better. Living with ADHD may not be as hard as you imagine, but do not delay in seeking help. Initial counseling and further therapy can be beneficial for most patients.

Final word

A few recommendations can go a long way in managing ADHD. Make sure that you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, focus on a healthy diet, and get at least seven hours of sleep. Do not use your phone before going to sleep and check with your doctor as frequently as recommended.

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