Youngest Pregnancy in the World

We may have already heard a lot of cases of youngest pregnancy in the world which will usually heard throughout every year. Young pregnancy which happened to teenager and even kids these days seems to be common news to hear. In fact, it will be very difficult to be a mother in a young age where your psychology and body have actually not well prepared enough to receive all these situations and conditions. Having a baby may take patience, nurturing and education of course. The lack of all these requirements for becoming good and capable parents will definitely affect the baby.

There are a lot of parents who are cautious because the increase case numbers of youngest pregnancy in the world. Not only it is risky for the small body of the young pregnant mother but it will also affect her family as well. The whole family, including parents and siblings will also feel the impact of this kind of circumstance. Unfortunately, this can cause bad situation for the young pregnant mother who has already experienced so much difficulties in their pregnancy.

Youngest Pregnancy in the WorldSome of the cases of youngest pregnancy in the world generally happened by accidents and the rest cases are resulted by unfortunate circumstances experienced by the pregnant young mother. There are several popular cases of youngest pregnancy in the world you may want to know. Amazingly, all of this pregnancy happened when the mother were under ten year old of age!

For example, the first case is Lina Medina who comes from Peru. In the history of youngest pregnancy in the world, Lina’s case has taken the first place of the record. At the age of five year old, Lina gave birth to a baby named Gerardo. It is said that Lina’s case is a child sexual abuse with his biological father as the suspect. Unfortunately, the evidence at the time was not significant enough and the father of Gerardo has not been revealed until today.

The second case of youngest pregnancy in the world came from Ukraine in 1934. The unfortunate girl named Yelizaveta became a victim of child sexual abuse by her own grandfather. Yelizaveta had a lot of unfortunate and sufferings at the time. At her young age she has to be pregnant her own grandfather’s child and gave birth to it normally. The doctor at the time did not want to do a C-section labor because it is very risky for the young mother.Youngest Pregnancy in the World

Mum-Zi, who was said as one of the harems of Chief Akkiri from Nigeria, is the third case of youngest pregnancy in the world which happened in 1936. At the age of eight years, Mum-Zi’s was impregnated by Chief Akkiri. The most surprising part is that her daughter also pregnant at her early age as well which caused Mum-Zi became a grandma at the age of seventeen years.

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