White Discharge During Early Pregnancy

White discharge during early pregnancy is become a very common complaint from pregnant women. There are many details that have been set forth to explain this problem. During early pregnancy, discharge is white, thin and clear. One may experience a different kind of discharge during the last days of pregnancy term.

Due to the white discharge during early pregnancy, this is a normal thing and thought of as an early sign of pregnancy. While they are pregnant, many women observe that they experience increase in vaginal discharge. It could be the earliest possible sign of pregnancy if the discharge doesn’t have any odor and is not accompanied by burnt sensation and itching.

It is best to see a doctor to ascertain the cause of the discharge; it could be hormones, or possibly a yeast infection. A thick white discharge during early pregnancy is a sign of ovulation. Known as leucorrhea, the discharge itself is formed due to the increased levels of oestrogen in the body.

White discharge during early pregnancy usually looks like egg whites, and can resemble a slight creamy textured discharge that you may not even notice. This could be one of the 10 signs of pregnancy. When it happened, you should maintain well genital hygiene as well as wear clean cotton underwear, in spite of that there is nothing much that one can do about white discharge during early pregnancy.

When a woman becomes pregnant, there is a sudden surge in the levels of estrogen hormone. Leads to an increased blood-flow in the vaginal area are cause of the sudden rise in the hormones which in turn increases the secretions in this area.

To keep fungal infection at bay as the cervix swells, this vaginal discharge helps. White discharge during early pregnancy is usually odorless and colorless in most cases. When you are at 37th week, vaginal discharge can look alarming and you notice an increase in discharge or a change in the type of discharge.

White discharge during early pregnancy is completely normal for any women. Determine whether this discharge is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms if you suspect that you are pregnant better buy a home pregnancy test.  There is no reason to be panic or misery when you have white discharge during early pregnancy, ease your mind to some extent.

Speak to your health care provider is you have any doubt. Completely avoid douching as douche will cause imbalance of the normal vaginal flora. It may cause serious complications because it could introduce air into the circulatory system and lead to infection through the vagina.

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