The Type of Reproductive Cancers

As we know that woman has more complicated reproductive system than man This makes, women’s reproduction is getting more risk in disease attack, especially cancer. In history, women got more cancers than men, this happen because men are having higher activities in smoking and occupational exposures.

Here are some cancers of reproductive organs that often attack woman and kill many woman such as cervix cancer (the entrance of the uterus), uterus cancer or endometrical cancer that is located inside and main uterus area, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of female reproductive cancers which is the cancer that commonly attack women. This cancer rate increase with the age. Most of the risk of cancer attack is after the age of 75. There are several types of breast cancer, because there are several different kinds of tumors. The risk factors of the breast cancer growing is the family history, early menarche, late first childbirth after the age of 30, late menopause, and a diet high in fat and alcohol.

The cancer detection can be done by your own self. You can try breast exam monthly from age 20, breast exam  by a physician at least every three years between the age of 20 and 40. you also have to do an exam after age 40. it also suggested to check your breast with  mammogram every two years during the 40’s and yearly after age 50. The regular detection and test could reduce the possibility of breast cancer.

There are many choices of treatment due to breast cancer. The choice of treatments depends on the patient preferences. In addition, chemotherapy or endocrine therapy following primary tamoxifen therapy increases survival rates in women over 50 during the first five years after the diagnosis. Breast cancer can occur in men also, but the presentation is remained small.

The second is cervical cancer which is the second most common type of cancer that attacks women’s reproductive organs.  There are many factors that can ce classified as risk factors of cervical cancer. The most risk factor for cervical neoplasia is related to sexual activities. The risk is higher foe woman who are sexually active in early age, usually mid-teens or earlier.

The cancer risk also high for women who have three or more sexual partners. In recent days, several subtypes of the human papilloma virus have been implicated as the cause of cervical neoplasia. Moreover, genital herpes infection is also a risk factor.

Other cancers are uterus cancer or endometrial cancer. The cardinal symptom is uttering bleeding. The using of estrogen hormone replacing therapy is increasing the risk of the cancer. The treatment for this cancer is depend on the stage of the tumor development. The treatments include surgery, hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy.

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