Pink Spotting in Early Pregnancy

Pink spotting in early pregnancy is actually not something to be afraid of. This medical condition is considered normal for pregnant women that usually occurs when they are in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Twenty five out of a hundred pregnant women experienced this kind of pink spotting in early pregnancy. However, some women who are pregnant their first child may be confused and scared when they experienced this situation. Actually you do not have to be afraid since pink spotting is categorized as a normal medical situation in a pregnancy. For further explanation you can keep reading and find out the answer to your question about pink spotting in early pregnancy.

What is actually pink spotting in early pregnancy and what is the cause of this situation? Pink spotting is actually a medical situation of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy that is caused by the development of the embryo in a pregnant woman’s womb.

Pink Spotting in Early PregnancyGenerally, a normal vaginal bleeding will be in pink, faint red or brown color therefore it is called as very light vaginal bleeding. Remember that it is very light and different from usual bleeding like menstruation. So, if the color is dark then it can be considered abnormal so you have to do further check up.

Pink Spotting in Early PregnancyThere are several factors that cause this kind of pink spotting in early pregnancy. The first factor is implantation bleeding. This factor is considered as a normal case that is harmless for the pregnant women.

In their first trimester of pregnancy, a woman will experience this kind of spotting as the result of the egg implanting itself into the woman’s uterus. This implementation will be continued with the egg’s fertilization that further caused the spotting. Therefore, if this is the case then you can put yourself at ease.

Although the common factor of this pink spotting in early pregnancy is the implantation of the egg into uterus, but there are also many other factors you have to take into consideration. Another factor that can be very dangerous and harmful for both the pregnant mother and the unborn baby is miscarriage factor. If the light spotting is worse and accompanied with cramping and severe abdominal pain then it can possibly lead you into miscarriage case. Hence, you should regularly check up the progress of your pregnancy.

Aside from miscarriage factor, infection can also be a dangerous factor of pink spotting in early pregnancy you should be aware of. This case is usually caused by bacterial infection that occurs after you did a Pap smear or had sex.

This occurrence will result a cervix inflammation that triggers the spotting later on. Therefore, in order to make sure that your pregnancy is safe you have to be careful and do regular check up to your trusted doctor.

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