Period Cramps vs Pregnancy Cramps

Being a Mom is a dream for most women. Pregnancy is a sacred duty that only women can do. The signs of pregnancy are the most awaited moment for the couple who want to have a child immediately. Pregnancy indicates healthy reproduction organ from both parties, also described a good fertility. Many of signs that indicated the woman while experiencing pregnancy. One of them is some spots of blood that comes out and being followed by stomach cramps. Spots of blood that comes out is caused by attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall or known as implantation bleeding. Usually, woman misconstrued interpret it as the arrival of menstruation. Knowledge about period cramps vs pregnancy cramps should be known by every woman.

Pregnant cramps are very similar to period pains. A good knowledge of period cramps vs pregnancy cramps will make you better understand the differences between them. Period cramps in medical term commonly referred to Dysmenorrhea, is a cause of stomach pain comes from cramps in the uterus. These cramps can occur during menstruation. If no underlying cause is found is called primary Dysmenorrhea. And, if the cause is an abnormality in the uterus, it is called the secondary Dysmenorrhea. Secondary dysmenorrhea is more rare and occurs in 25% of women experience Dysmenorrhea. The causes of secondary dysmenorrhea are: fibroids, adenomiosis, endometriosis, inflammation of the tubal falopi, and also abnormal sticky between organs within the abdomen.

Period cramp is usually get pain on underbelly, which can spread to the lower part of the spine and limbs. The pain felt like cramps that appears and disappears alternately. The pain usually starts to arise just prior to or during menstruation. Period cramp is culminating within 24 hours and after 2 days will disappear. Dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by nausea, headache, constipation or diarrhea and often to pee, even sometimes vomit. A good knowledge of period cramps vs pregnancy cramps will make you aware of the symptoms and medication to cure. To reduce the pain of period cramps can be given anti inflammatory non-steroids such as naproxen, mefenamat acid or ibuprofen. In order that this drug can work effectively, this drug should be taken 2 days before menstruation and continued until the first day of the menstrual period up to second day.

While, the meaning of pregnant cramps is the tang and cramps around abdomen. Generally this cramps is not dangerous, nevertheless it doesn’t means that can be ignored until incurring pain continuously. If it has high intensity, you should check it to your doctors. Indeed if you unfamiliar has pregnant you can think it as period cramps and could cure it with pain killer if you don’t have enough knowledge about period cramps vs pregnancy cramps.

In medical world actually not known the term of pregnant cramp, the common term is a in pregnancy contraction. This is reasonable state, that be a harbinger that there is thing that is living in the uterus. This contraction is a physiological reaction from the womb in periodic because of the uterus contains a human child. But, if inflict pain that is too frequent and too long it should be aware because ongoing cramp that inflicts pain can result in miscarriage or premature birth. To avoid that thing the knowledge of period cramps vs pregnancy cramps should be owned every mother candidate.

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