Pelvic Bone Pain During Pregnancy

Pelvic bone pain during pregnancy is actually known as Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction or also called SPD. Mood swings and nausea are indeed common side effect pregnant women may experience but it does not mean that there are no other things to come up as well. For the first time pregnancy, a woman may get shocked by this ailment.

They will experience particular pain in their pelvic area which is pretty disturbing, moreover there are mood swings and nausea added. If you are expecting your first child and experiencing this pelvic bone pain during pregnancy, no need to panic because it is a common problem.

Pregnancy is indeed the greatest phase of womanhood; pure bliss and feel blessed are two feelings which may describe this phase. However, there are also a lot of bothersome come up with it that can cause the pregnant mother to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. In fact, although they have to experience a lot of bothersome such as mood swings, nausea and pelvic bone pain during pregnancy, but they stated that the pregnancy is worth it.

The severity of this pelvic bone pain during pregnancy may vary depending on the hormones and body condition of each pregnant mother. As a lot of medical reports have stated that each human being has different hormonal characteristics, this will also determine the pregnancy characteristic as well. Actually, this pregnancy ailment is caused by Relaxin hormone which is produced during pregnancy. This hormone is produced to help the pregnant women’s body to grow fetus well. Unfortunately, this will cause side effect to the pelvic area when they are accommodating within the pregnancy.Pelvic bone pain during pregnancy

This Relaxin hormone has duty in softening the pelvic bone’s ligaments to prepare the mother in delivering process later. In mostly cases, this process makes the pregnant mother to experience pelvic bone pain during pregnancy. If the ligaments have not loosened enough then it will make the baby struggles more to come out. This will totally more dangerous for both the mother and the baby. Therefore, if you do not feel anything at all around your pelvic area during your pregnancy then you better check up to your doctor.

Pelvic bone pain during pregnancyDo not be afraid, there are some treatments you can do to ease this pelvic bone pain during pregnancy. Pelvic exercise may be the simplest solution you can do to ease the pain. Pelvic tilts and kegels will be very useful to help you strengthen the muscles in your pelvic. You can do this simple exercise at home regularly. There is also pelvic belt to support your pelvic so you can keep the pelvic bone in place. Pain relieving medication can also be helpful, but you better contact your doctor for a consultation in case you have an allergy toward medications during pregnancy.

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