One Month Pregnancy Symptoms

A first time pregnant mothers are probably clueless that they are actually pregnant their first child. In fact, there are many people get confused about the difference between one month pregnancy symptoms and PMS signs. Indeed, the symptoms of these two phases are slightly different so we have to learn thoroughly so we can see the difference clearly.

If you compare the symptoms of PMS to early pregnancy symptoms you may find a lot of similarity. However, there are always some differences lay between them, for sure. Here, you could take a look at some information you can read further so you will know the facts about one month pregnancy symptoms.

The first sign you may realize the earliest is your missed period. If you have a normal and regular menstrual cycle then you may realize this symptom earlier than other one month pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, this kind of pregnancy symptom is probably quite hard to be used as a determiner, especially if you already have irregular menstrual cycle in the past. If you suspect that your missed period is a signal of being pregnant then it would be a lot better if you do a further test to ensure yourself.

one month pregnancy symptomsAnother sign of one month pregnancy symptoms you can analyze further. Since hormones play a great role in your pregnancy, there would be a lot of changes that will appear. For example, the tenderness change of your breasts. A pregnant woman’s breasts are usually tender and swollen. This is caused by the change of hormones that also influence the flow of the pregnant woman’s blood to her breasts. From the researches that have already been done, it is said that swollen breasts will last until the 1st trimester of your pregnancy.

one month pregnancy symptomsAside from swollen breasts, there are also other symptoms that are caused by hormones. If you suspect that you are pregnant from the previous one month pregnancy symptoms, you can probably ensure yourself from these two symptoms; fatigue and nausea.

Since the hormonal changes are quite extreme, there are a lot of extreme changes as well. One of the results is fatigue, nausea and sensitivity to odor. All of these symptoms are actually influenced by the dramatic changes of progesterone. Therefore, the sensitivity of the pregnant woman’s sense will rise as well.

All of those one month pregnancy symptoms are probably similar to common PMS symptoms. However, you can feel the difference when you are experiencing it. Pregnancy symptoms are said to be greater than PMS symptoms so you can differ them by feeling them deeply. However, determining a pregnancy cannot only be done by feeling those symptoms only, you have to really take some tests to prove whether or not you are pregnant. This way you can get an accurate result, for sure.

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