No Symptoms in Early Pregnancy

Although most of pregnant women experience various symptoms in early pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, tender breast or even light spotting, but there are also some cases of pregnancy with no symptoms in early pregnancy. Commonly, when you are reading or hearing all stuffs regarding early pregnancy then you will catch a glimpse of those signs or symptoms during early pregnancy.

At the least, the most experienced symptom will be a simple nausea or morning sickness. All of those symptoms usually appear in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if you have no symptoms in early pregnancy, it can possibly mean two things.

You may be imagining yourself on your bathroom sink vomiting during your early pregnancy period. Unfortunately, you may get confused when your body indicates no symptoms in early pregnancy. Some of those pregnant women might be afraid and worry since they may think that this circumstance is not common and abnormal.No Symptoms in Early Pregnancy

There is no exact fact that if you do not experience any of those common symptoms and signs in your early pregnancy then it will always mean bad. This thought is probably coming up from the constant information given by various media out there which makes those symptoms to be very popular.

In fact, experiencing no symptoms in early pregnancy is considered normal and healthy in medical world. Medical reports on pregnancy have reported that some pregnant women have experienced common signs during their early pregnancy period but some pregnant women do not experience this, luckily. Why did I say lucky? Because they do not have to experience those circumstances and suffer from vomiting or headache.

You know, according to most of those women who have been pregnant and experienced the early pregnancy symptoms, their first trimester of pregnancy was like a living hell for them in some ways. All thanks to those symptoms in early pregnancy, they said.

From the fact above, you can already conclude that experiencing no symptoms in early pregnancy is actually not a dangerous circumstance. The main factor of this situation is actually the condition of the pregnant mother’s hormone type and rate.

It is medically proved that those symptoms of early pregnancy are caused by the rapid change of pregnant mother’s hormone level that causes a kind of shock within their body. For instance, this shock state which usually cause the morning sick and other medical situations within the pregnant mother’s body.No Symptoms in Early Pregnancy

Although the case of no symptoms in early pregnancy is considered normal for some women but you have to be careful if you once experience them then they suddenly disappear. If this is the case then you better contact your doctor for further diagnose. Some case similar to this has resulted to miscarriage or severe illness during the pregnancy. Therefore, if you experience a condition where you have no symptoms in early pregnancy, then the very best way is to ask your doctor about it.

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