Nitrous Oxide and Pregnancy

nitrous oxide and pregnancyThere are already a lot of facts and questions about nitrous oxide and pregnancy available for you to read. Nitrous oxide (N2O) or also known as laughing gas is commonly used by dentists as an anesthetic when they are operating a dental procedure. This sweet smelled and colorless gas is claimed as the weakest form of sedations. It aids the anxious dental patients so they can relax and feel less pain in the process. This gas emits fast acting effect which can calm the patient in a brief moment. So, what is the association between nitrous oxide and pregnancy? Let’s take a look at the following information to find out the answer.

The medical reports have said that nitrous oxide and pregnancy nowadays are very familiar in pregnancy issues. If this gas has been used in dental procedures and conscious sedation in some workplaces or hospitals setting, then nowadays, this gas has been very popular to be used as labor pain controller. This has become the mainstream and trend in laboring, it is said that the popularity of this solution continue rising from year to year.

However, there have been no exact results from medical studies which strictly stated that nitrous oxide is completely dangerous for the fetus in the pregnant women’s bodies. In fact, the information out there seems to be less medical and more business based. Therefore, it is better to read this passage further if you really want to know about nitrous oxide and pregnancy.

Indeed, there are still no investigations about nitrous oxide and pregnancy, the exact effects or harms this gas can make. Most of nurse practitioners in the world even have used this kind of anesthetic to help the patients ease the pain when they are in labor since years ago. They said that this is one of the safest sedation which is good enough to use in labor. Is it really true? Is this really harmless for both the baby and the mother? They said that there are already a lot of safety assurances and evidences which prove that nitrous oxide is safe for pregnancy and there will no serious problems it possibly causes.

Although there is still no further confirmation about this nitrous oxide and pregnancy issue but there is one fact about this gas usage for labor. Indeed, this gas will be very useful to be used as conscious sedation for c-section labor but it can be a different case in normal or natural labor procedure.nitrous oxide and pregnancy

In normal labor case, the pregnant women have to stay conscious and report whatever they feel to help the doctor monitoring the baby delivery process. If you use this nitrous oxide to ease the pain, then you will possibly be unable to feel the symptoms when they attack. Therefore, normal labor cases are usually more painful and take time longer.

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