Mumps Male Infertility

Man with mumps? Most people consider that this man will suffer from infertility. Then, what is mumps? Mumps is an infection of the salivary glands which is located near the ears and it is caused by RNA virus. Actually, this is the childhood disease so; the adult or the teenagers are rarely suffering from this disease or infection. How do you know when you get mumps? You will get fever and your salivary glands will be swelling and tenderness. The parotid gland is the gland that mostly affected by this infection.

Symptoms of Mumps

Mumps is a viral infection which is very risky to be transmitted. You can get this infection by contacting in direct or direct ways with the infected person. The symptoms need 15 up to 24 days to evolve. The symptoms of mumps are the salivary glands in the neck and around the ears will be swelling and getting pain, when you swallow it will be difficult and pain, headaches, paints in the joints, nausea and vomit, a high temperature, experiencing the pain in the lower tummy area, extreme tiredness and loss of appetite.

Mumps Orchitis

Mumps orchitis is the horrible symptom which brings out swelling and pain to the testes. This is the general complication which experienced by the adult males and number of males who suffer from the infection of Mumps virus is about 20%. Mump orchistis can give bad effect which is reducing the male fertility.

This happens because when a man has mumps and then, his testicles will swell up. It will occur from 4 to 8 days. The swelling will be normal in one week, though your testicle may feel the pain after the swelling.

Suffering from mumps will not make your infertility become permanent. But, for people who suffer from mumps orchitis will experience the damage in producing cells of the testis and as a result, the production of the sperm will be reducing. However, this only occurs among six months up to one year.

mumps male infertilityInfertility

It is occurred because of the attack of the mumps virus to some of the testicles’ sperm-making cells. As a result, the production of the sperm will stop for 6 months up to 10 months. After that, a man can recover, though the sperm cannot be back to the previous level. The percentage of men who suffer from mump orchitis is about 7 to 13%. They realize that their sperm is reducing or going low.

Ways to Prevent Mumps and Infertility in Malemumps male infertility

  • Give the MMR (measles, mumps,rubella) vaccine to children whose age are 15 months and also to adults. However, do not give the vaccine to those who are in pregnancy and have allergic to eggs.
  • Stay away from the infected person. Mumps has its own ways to be transmitted such as from the coughs, talk or sneeze, using towels and kissing.
  • Sterilize things that are contaminated by the infected person.
  • Doing the isolation or separation toward the infected person because of the development of the virus which is very rapidly.
  • You must do hand washing. This is the important thing to do to decrease or reduce the transmission and infection of disease.

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