Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy

Mood swings in early pregnancy might be quite disturbing and annoying, not only for the pregnant wife but also the husband and the people around her. Mood swings are a common early pregnancy symptom especially when the pregnant mother is in the 6th to 10th weeks. Mood swings will reappear in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, so you better watch out when they are coming.

As already said before, although mood swings seem to be a common and trivial matter but it would be better to know further about the causes of mood swings in early pregnancy and how to deal with them.

Learning about mood swings in early pregnancy will make your pregnancy more comfortable. Being a pregnant woman is absolutely not an easy task, isn’t it? So you have to learn how to enjoy your nine months pregnancy as much as possible. Actually, these mood swings in early pregnancy are caused by drastically change on your hormones. This is usually occurred in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy. Many women may have mistaken these pregnancy mood swings to common pre-menstruation syndrome mood swings. However, medical researchers have proven that pregnancy mood swings are more pronounced than PMS mood swings.Mood Swings In Early Pregnancy

Mood swings in early pregnancy may be more severe when you are thinking too much about something. For example, you may worry about the financial situation to prepare the baby’s birth later. This thought will possibly make your mood swings worse. One more common thing which usually disturbs pregnant women is the physical change they have to endure.

They usually make a fuss on how they look fat and not lovely anymore to their husband. This can result on their over jealousy toward their husband. In this case, the husbands should be more patient and pay more attention to the wife’s feeling.

There are some symptoms of mood swings in early pregnancy which are usually experienced by pregnant women. Pregnant women tend to have heightened emotions, even regarding common trivial things. Exaggerating or giving overly response about something is the result of mood swings. You might find pregnant women crying or laughing over trivial things which normally will not affect them that much. This goes as well with their irritability sense. Pregnant women tend to get irritated more easily so you better be careful with this condition.

Mood Swings In Early Pregnancy

As stated before, mood swings in early pregnancy usually come up with more sensitivity and anxiety. Pregnant women can get anxious more easily when it comes to the topic related to their baby or their physical change. If you are around a pregnant mother then you should be careful to not bring this kind of topics. Dealing with mood swings is probably not an easy task, the pregnant wife has to cooperate with the husband and the family surrounds her as well. If they could cooperate well then the pregnant wife would also feel comfortable and secure.

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