Low Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Low back pain in early pregnancy is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. Early pregnancy can be very surprising for the first time pregnancy since there are many changes in your body.  The early pregnancy symptoms can be varied from woman to woman and from one pregnancy to others.

For the first time pregnancy, your body is still adjusting the new condition, while you might find easier in the second pregnancy because your body and feeling has already adjusted and ready for the changes. Lower back pain can be so obviously in the early pregnancy.

Besides, you may find other symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, missing period, frequent trip to bathroom, dizziness, and of course increased basal body temperature. Low back pain in early pregnancy usually becomes the major sign since you may feel uncomfortable with that. Low back pain in early pregnancy can be varied; you can experience the mild up to high intensity of low back pain. The low back pain usually starts early in the two weeks after the conceiving process. Conceiving is not the only cause of the low back pain, there are several reasons that can be the cause of low back pain. One of the reasons is weight gain.

You will experience weight gain more that you are expected since your baby will grow up and your uterus is getting bigger. This is the reaction of your body, and the weight gain can cause the low back pain also. It will make you change your posture. This changing posture will affect you sleeping posture.

You may feel uncomfortable with the pain in your back, here you can use maternity pillow to reduce the low back pain in early pregnancy. The other cause of low back pain in early pregnancy is that the progesterone hormone affects the woman body. The progesterone hormone will soften the ligaments and discs at the woman’s back that caused the low back pain.

low back pain in early pregnancy sometimes is accompanied by cramps at the lower back too. But you have to be careful, although low back pain I early pregnancy is a common sign of pregnancy but some high intense pain can be a sign of other problems like urinary tract infection or other pregnancy problems. Thus, you have to keep monitoring the intensity of the low back pain in early pregnancy. If the pain and the intensity are considered not normal, you need to see doctor immediately.

If you want a solution for low back pain in early pregnancy, you can try to exercise. Some exercises such as pelvic rocking, mini crunches, and walking are good for your health and for your pregnancy. These exercises can also reduce the low back pain in early pregnancy.

During the pregnancy try to keep monitoring whatever happen in your body. You have to gain as many as information about pregnancy so you could prevent the bad things happen.

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