Itchy Nipples During Pregnancy

If you have already experienced pregnancy in your life then you are probably familiar with itchy nipples during pregnancy as well. As it has already been said by a lot of mothers in this world, pregnancy is a state where a woman will experience various changes that sometimes can be quite bothersome for them to endure. The very obvious change will be the growth of uterus for the growing fetus in a pregnant woman’s womb that makes her to gain weight.

Some changes will also happen to the pregnant women’s breasts and skin. The breasts of pregnant women will be more tender and swollen and their skin will be more sensitive. Furthermore, this circumstance often leads the pregnant women to experience itchy nipples during pregnancy. Do you want to know further details of this topic? Let’s take a look at the following discussion to find out more information.

If you are a first-time pregnant mother, you do not have to panic when you are experiencing itchy nipples during pregnancy. You have to learn that breasts change is a common circumstance happens to pregnant mothers during their pregnancy. When the pregnant women are in the early months of their pregnancy, they will feel sore in their breast area.

Itchy Nipples During PregnancyUsually, the main area in this case is around the nipples. As we already discussed above, breasts are one part of women’s body that experience the most significant changes during pregnancy. This circumstance is actually caused by hormonal changes that ready the breasts to produce milk for the babies after they are born. That is why, the process of this mechanism often causes the pregnant women to suffer itchy nipples during pregnancy.

Actually, itchy nipples during pregnancy are not a bad sign for your pregnancy. In fact, itchy nipples are often used as an indicator of the pregnancy’s development. There are many people said that itchy nipple is one of the infinite signs of early pregnancy you can use to determine your real condition whether or not you are really pregnant. However, you have to still remember that it is not the only and most accurate way to determine a pregnancy so you still have to do further check up to your doctor.

Itchy Nipples During PregnancyIndeed, itchy nipples during pregnancy are probably not a serious and harmful situation for the pregnant mothers. However, itchy feeling that will attack can be pretty bothersome especially when you go outside your house. When the itchiness comes then it will be embarrassing for you to scratch your breasts in public, won’t it? Therefore, many pregnant women claimed that this is one of the most uncomfortable states of pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you overcome this situation. Commonly, the easiest and simplest way to reduce the itchiness is by applying moisturizing cream or lotion onto the area around the nipples. In addition, it will be better that you apply powder onto your breasts so they will stay dry and free from irritation.

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