Intercourse Positions During Pregnancy

You may get nervous when we are talking about intercourse positions during pregnancy. For the first timer, sex is probably a dangerous and harmful activity to do during pregnancy. In fact, there are many positions which are safe and will not harm your unborn baby. Some couples claimed that safe sex during pregnancy can be amazingly great, different from ordinary sex they usually have.

This is actually a result of hormonal changes experienced by the pregnant wife which makes her to be more sensitive and aggressive. Do not need to worry, you can learn some tips and tricks about safe intercourse positions during pregnancy you can learn here.

In fact, sex during pregnancy is practically more beneficial than harmful if you know how to do it correctly. Although pregnant women may have already experienced sex activities for hundred times but it will be not a waste if they know more about safe intercourse positions during pregnancy. The husbands, especially those who are expecting the first child, may be afraid to have sex with their pregnant wives. They are scared to harm the baby when they place strong pressure on their wives’ womb. Fortunately, some specialists have already found some intercourse positions which are safe for pregnant mothers.intercourse positions during pregnancy

Generally, those specialists stated that any intercourse positions during pregnancy are actually okay as long as the pregnant women do not lie on their back while doing this. After the week of sixteenth of pregnancy the vein which is connected to the uterus becomes more sensitive so the couple has to be careful in having sex so they will not crush this vein. Putting too much pressure on the pregnant wife’s back can cause her to experience needles pain and ruin your making love activity. So, it is practically okay to have the wife on her back as long as they are comfortable and not in pain.

There are a lot of safe intercourse positions during pregnancy you can try with your husband without being afraid of harming your unborn baby. The first position which is pretty popular is women on top, where the women are sitting on her husband so they will not lie on their back. Another comfortable position you can try is spooning. This is the position where the couple is sitting with the women in front of the men. With this intercourse position, the wife’s protruding belly will not be disturbed and harmed.intercourse positions during pregnancy

There are two more intercourse positions during pregnancy you can safely try. You can try the hands and knees position or side lying with knee pulled up position. These two positions will also not harm the unborn baby yet they will not ease the intimacy and pleasure as well. As stated before, actually sex during pregnancy is not significantly different from regular sex. The only different is that you have to be concerned of the protruding belly and search for a position which will not harm it.

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