Increased Heart Rate During Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, there are several changes happen in her body, from the abdomen or stomach which is getting bigger to the heart rate which is increasing during the pregnancy. In this article we are going to talk about Increased Heart Rate During Pregnancy. Sometimes, the increased heart rate is not always good.

The increased heart rate occurs because of the blood which flows from the heart is increasing. It is happened because the blood needs to fulfill the additional requirement of the body. When a woman gets pregnant, means there is a living creature in her womb, her blood especially the circulatory system needs to accommodate the requirement of oxygen for her unborn baby. During the pregnancy, the blood has an important function as agent to carry amount of oxygen and nutrient that are needed by the fetus or by the unborn baby. Because of that, the heart will increase from 30% to 50%.

The normal heart rate is around 15 or 20 beats per minute and it happens in the first trimester during pregnancy. However, in the second trimester the increased heart rate is increasing up to almost 30%. It occurs because the several changes happen in a pregnant woman’s body and some of changes lead the volume of blood, which is circulating, increases. The peak of the heartbeat occurs among the 28th and 35th week. There are several unfavorable symptoms of the increased heart rate that you should know.

The symptoms are palpitations, persistent cough, a woman will feel shortness of breath, fainting spells, dizziness or lightheadedness, and the last is feeling of skipped heartbeats. For a case of feeling the shortness of breath, if a woman experiences this, it will be better for her to consult to her doctor.

The normal heart rate, as it has been mentioned before, is around 15 or 20 beats per minute and it occurs in the first trimester in the pregnancy. This is occurred because the blood has to fulfill the requirement of oxygen for the fetus or the unborn baby. When a woman does not get pregnant, her heart rate is just about 70 beats per minute, but when she gets pregnant, her heart rate increases around 85-90 beats per minute. The heart rate can still be increasing in the late trimester of your pregnancy and the heart rate will increase about 10-20 beats.

Increased Heart Rate During PregnancyAs the heart rate increases during the pregnancy, it will be better for you always see and monitor your heart rate. If you see, if you feel some problems related to the increased heart rate like shortness of breathe, you should go to the doctor and tell him about the problems that you have. In keeping your heart rate, it is better for you to consume enough food and water. Besides, you have to do some exercises to keep your heart rate, but, please paying attention to the exercises that do not make your heart rate increases. Taking a rest or proper sleep and do not push yourself too much or get stress are the other ways to keep your heart rate well.Increased Heart Rate During Pregnancy

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