How to Abort a Pregnancy at Home

Though most of couple wants to have baby but there are many people who want to abort the pregnancy. There are many ways to abort pregnancy, if you are wondering about how to abort pregnancy at home, you can find the solution in health care provider.

If you want to get the information first, you can find the information about how to abort a pregnancy at home in many websites. Many websites provide the suggestion and treatment to abort a pregnancy. Some of the ways could have done in your own home, but most of the treatments should be done in clinic.

Since abortion is really having big risk for the mother health you have to be careful to choose the method of abortion. If you are searching about how to abort a pregnancy at home, you should know about the method carefully to prevent any damage. The most important thing to consider is the age of your pregnancy. The earlier the age of pregnancy the better chances for the abortion method to work. There are standard for clinical abortion based on the age of pregnancy. Find the information about your pregnancy first. This is important to select the best method of abortion for your pregnancy.

The doctors, nurse, and other pregnancy calendars will count your pregnancy age from your last menstrual period. So you have to make sure that your calculation of your last menstrual period is correct or nearly correct. There are many options of abortion whether you want to conduct it at home or clinic.

First option is planned parenthood in first trimester, aspiration method, and herbal method. There are also many clinics that you can contact to ask what the services that they conduct are. If you still want to know about how to abort a pregnancy at home, you can choose herbs to induce miscarriage.

This method is also called herbal abortion. The good thing of this method is that this method can be done at your home, but you have to know every little thing about this method to prevent any negative effect. Many sources said that using herbal abortion only work about 40-45% . you need to use it in early pregnancy but there is no guarantee that this method will works well.

If the herbal abortion does not give success result you should take the clinical abortion. For your information, herbal abortion can cause birth defect and complications during the pregnancy. So try to have regular check and consultation during the process. Herbal abortion usually used at the time period of week 4 through week 8.

This is the time when the embryo is developing. Thus, it is important to use clinical abortion if you see that the herbal method is not working. Though this method is using herbs but there is no guarantee for the safety of the abortion.

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