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Home remedie for pregnancy test can be useful when you think of being a mother is the wonderful experiences that expected by all women in this world. As soon as possible, you will have a baby and will feel her with your love and attention. You will prepare a beautiful name for her and then, the beautiful room filled with toys and dolls.

When the day comes, you will be very excited because no longer the beautiful baby will come to the world. You can hear her voice, you can see her little eyes and even, you can touch her soft skin. Because of this, many women will do many things to make themselves are sure about being a mother and being a pregnant.

Home Remedies for Pregnancy TestYears ago, doctors would check whether a woman was being pregnant by examining the changes in cervix and the nipples. The nipples would be dark in color. But, these things could not make a woman believed that she was being pregnant until she felt the moves or the acts of the baby in her womb. Missing her period could be a measure that a woman would be pregnant.

Home remedy for pregnancy test had been used since thousand years ago by our ancestors. Although, the test was not accurate and sometimes gave errors in test results, some women still did the test. An example of the old test was the rabbit test which was very expensive because it took the woman urine and the dead rabbit. The urine will be injected into the part of the dead female rabbit which was the vein and waited for two days.Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

If a woman was being pregnant, the changes can be seen through the ovaries of the rabbit. People years ago also believed in a dream that if a woman had a dream of a child like playing with the child or directly acting together with the child it meant that the woman would be pregnant.

Those were the old home remedy for pregnancy test. Using dandelion leaves is also one example of home pregnancy tests. First, grab some dandelion leaves and then, leave them on a plastic until they become dry. After that, take your urine sample which had been taken in the morning and put the sample on the surface of the leaves. Leave the leaves with urine until the urine soak for ten minutes. If the color which appears on the surface of the dandelion leaves is red, it means that a woman is being pregnant.

Urine pregnancy stick is also the home remedy for pregnancy test. The test is not difficult to do because it belongs to the easy test since you just use your urine to test whether you are being pregnant or not. The urine that you have to use is your first urine in the morning an then you pour few drops of it on the specified area on the strip.

Knowing that you are being pregnant depends on the result whether negative or positive which is shown by the urine pregnancy stick. You can buy it in the drugstore. This kind of test are most reliable than other tests at home or doing by yourself.

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