Foods Promote Fertility

Having baby is such as wonderful memory for woman. Sometimes people who want to have a baby, but they must wait for long time to get it. Many ways to do, many treatments to do, and absolutely people will spend much money on it. But, do people ever realize that what they consume also have an effect on the fertility? Although the percentage is not too high, it truly affects.

Food promotes fertility could help woman maintaining their good condition, since when pregnant or in order to have a good time of ovulation, woman need a good nutrition. As it has been already known, that alcohol is something that should be avoided by woman who wants to get pregnant, means that danger food or drink should be avoided. There is some food believing can promote fertility, such as zinc, caffeine, and iron.

•             Zinc

Some studies argue that zinc is one of the food materials that can be used to promote fertility.  The examples of food consisting zinc are oysters, chicken, crab, beef, and turkey. It can help man increase semen and testosterone production, while in woman it can increase the ovulation and fertility if it is consumed at least 15 mg within a day.

•             Caffeine

Some studies stated that drinking caffeine especially for woman will be have a bad effect to the fertility, especially for those who usually drink for three cups within a day. But in contrary to the man condition, drinking coffee before having sex could make the sperm more energetic, some people believe in drinking coffee could help man in dealing with conception problem, since sluggish sperm is the main cause of infertility in man. So, for woman, do not ever follow your spouse when he drinks a coffee before having sex with you.

•             Iron

Another nutrition that we recommended as food promotes fertility is iron. This nutrition can be found in the apricots, clam, shrimp, prunes and tofu. These whole nutrition believe can increase the fertility because the iron condition. Some studies suggest that problem of conceiving is caused by the low iron nutrition in woman’s body. Thus, by increasing the iron nutrition on your body, the more fertility you are.

The whole food above is food promoting fertility, you can choose or maybe even eat the whole food stating above. But the thing that you need to consider is that a good ovulation can happen when your body is in a good condition.

The only way to make it true is by keeping your food from something that harms you especially disturbing the ovulation process. Thus, our fertility then depend also on the food we consuming. Life is about life style, so choose your best.

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