Female Reproductive System Functions

The female reproductive system functions are really important and complex so as its highly complex system. For the integrated systems, to make a good work, several hormones, glands, and organs must do their jobs in the right order, at the right times.

Once the organs do not work properly, it will disturb the whole system. Thus, female reproductive organs have a crucial function. If you understand how the reproductive system works, it’s easier to understand how things can go wrong. Getting familiar with the system may help you understand the process inside it. Familiarity also can help you to know how to get pregnant faster by giving the prediction of the ovulation period.

Most of people should think that female reproductive system works in monthly cycles similar to menstruation cycles. In fact, female reproductive system works more complicated than just menstruation process. In the process, the reproductive organs have their own function.

Vagina has function as the passageway of the menstrual blood flow, as a female organ for coitus and as the place for receiving male penis. Vagina also has function as the passageway for the fetus during the birth. Uterus function as the houses and nourishes fetus until sufficiently mature to function after the birth, in uterus there is uterine muscles to push the baby out.

Fallopian tube is an organ which provides passageway for ovum from ovary to the uterus, fallopian tube also the site of fertilization. Ovaries are endocrine glands that secrete estrogen and progesterone. This organ contains ova within follicle for maturation in woman’s reproduction.

In general, the female reproductive system has several functions. Here, the female eggs are produced for reproduction, these eggs called ova or oocytes. This system also designed for the ova’s travel to the site of fertilization. The fertilization process or conception is the process of an egg fertilized by a sperm. Normally, the fertilization occurs in fallopian tubes. After the conception, the egg is implanted to the uterus’ walls.

This is the beginning process of pregnancy. If the fertilization does not occur, the reproductive system is designed to menstruate. In the system, the reproductive system produces female hormones to support the reproductive cycle. When a woman comes to the menopause period, the female reproductive system stops the hormones production process which is needed for the reproductive cycle. Here, when, a woman reproductive system does not produce hormones its mean a woman to be menopausal.

Every woman should know well their own reproductive system function in order to prevent any kind of problem or disorder function. It also help the women to predict the ovulation period to get pregnant.

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