Enemas During Pregnancy

Getting constipation will make you feel an uncomfortable condition. If your bowel obstruction occurs more than three days, then it means you are suffering from constipation and your bowels will be clogged. Enema is used to clean your bowels thoroughly. Here, enema is applied by doing the injection of fluid into the rectum. Enema cannot be injected arbitrarily, but it needs a help from a nurse. The nurse will give enema to prevent the complication due to giving an enema which is not good.

Constipation which is experienced by a pregnant woman will be worse as the pregnancy advances. However, the most important thing that you should know is do not take enema in the first trimester of your pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage or do not take enema in the last trimester of your pregnancy because it can cause the premature labor because of contraction as a result of taking enema. Just take enema before you get pregnant in order to clean your birth canal from all of obstructions and you can be ready for the pregnancy.

Enema becomes an alternatives to overcome constipation of a pregnant woman since laxatives is not permitted or allowed during the pregnancy. There are several things that you should pay attention to before taking enema. The first thing is you should know what trimester that you are in now. It is important because if you take enema in the first trimester of pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage and in the last trimester can cause the premature labor.

enemas During Pregnancy

If your pregnancy reaches the second trimester you can take enema, but under the control of your doctor. You have to consult it before you take enema in the second trimester. Enema does not guarantee the safety for you to overcome your constipation, so it will be better for you to use the methods which are simple and less dangerous and also to avoid you from the risks.

People can get and purchase enema in health stores. If you purchase the enema kit, you will get its bag, a rubber hose and a nozzle. Here are the several types of enema that you can get depend on the age and preferences. The types are soap suds enema, fleet enema, yogurt enema, tap water enema, coffee enema, barium enema, sodium phosphate enema, and mineral oil enema.

Instead of using enema, there are some simple ways to prevent constipation which are less dangerous. The first thing is consuming and drinking enough water and fluids, the second is doing exercise like jogging or walking regularly, the third is consuming salads and green leafy vegetables, the fourth is consuming fruits and brown bread, the fifth is eating foods slowly or little by little, and the last is chewing the food in a right way because of the enzyme which is contained there helps the digestion.

Enemas During Pregnancy

Once again, taking enema during pregnancy does not guarantee the safety for your pregnancy. As in the first trimester of in the last trimester of pregnancy can cause some pregnancy problems when you take enema. If your pregnancy is in the second trimester and you want to take enema, please be sure to consult your doctor first.

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