Dark Line on Stomach During Pregnancy

There are many new interesting experiences you will have when you get pregnant. You will experience the symptoms of pregnancy, you will hear and feel the growth and the development of your unborn baby, but you will also experience the skin problems during pregnancy. Dark line on stomach is happened during the pregnancy and it is called Linea Negra.

As it has been stated that this line appears on the surface of the belly or stomach during pregnancy has the brown color. Linea Negra here means black line. The line that appears on the belly has a form of vertical. Linea Negra appears in the fifth or sixth month in the second trimester of your pregnancy. Linea Negra appears briefly in a woman with the dark skin than a woman with the lighter skin.

As you get pregnant, the pregnancy hormones will be increasing and the increasing becomes the cause of emergence of Linea Negra. Pigment that controls the colors of hair and skin also take role in producing Linea Negra and the pigment is melanin.

Dark Line on Stomach During PregnancyIf a pregnant woman has more melanin, it also can be the cause of the mask of pregnancy or cloasma because more melanin produces brown splotchy patches. Cloasma appears on a woman’s face.  Besides causing cloasma, more melanin also can be the cause of hyperpiogmentation.

If you experience Linea Negra, please do not be panic or thinking that this is one of pregnancy problems. Linea Negra is normal for a pregnant woman. This line is not permanent, it is juts temporary. It will fade after you give birth. However, one thing that you should know is that this line cannot fade completely.

Though this is normal for a pregnant woman, it will be better for you to know more about this line. When you see that this line appears on your belly, do not hesitate to visit or to see your practitioner in order to get more information about that. Changes in skin color also can be diagnosed as a symptom of skin cancer. So, if you experience this line which is accompanied by tenderness, redness, pain, or bleeding, let your practitioner knows about in order to take some steps to handle that problem.

Perhaps, the emergence of Linea Negra is quite bothering you but you cannot do anything to prevent Linea Negra. It is supposed to be a part of pregnancy. All you have to do is just minimizing the darkening. Do not expose yourself under the sunlight and please applying the make-up to hide or to conceal the line.

So, once again, dark line on stomach during pregnancy is normal. It is not a sign of a disease; it is just the skin problems during pregnancy. You do not need to worry about it. It will not be permanent, it is just temporary and it will fade after you give birth to your baby. Hoped that this information can be useful for you to know deeper about the dark line or called Linea Negra. As a pregnant woman, to know about this is important in order to keep yourself not being panic when finally, you experience this skin problem.

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