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Having a baby is happiness for parents in the world. But the things seems complicated when sometimes, people want to have baby girl or baby boy. They really want to have it usually happen to the spouse who has already get a baby girl, they want to conceive a baby boy. Then, this case caused some stories or believe relate to this problem. This believes remind us that how sometimes people are struggle to conceive a baby boy.

There are some methods that can be used in conceiving a baby boy, such as Akohito theory, artificial insemination, and other tips. In this article I will inform you relate to the first way, that is Akohito theory. Akohito Theory is a theory found by the Japan’s Kaisar, Hirohito. Then, his son, Akohito used this theory and could get the result based on his want. Thus, this theory becomes well known as Akohito theory. This theory is focus on the ovulation time (process of exiting the ovum) of woman.

As it has been already known, man in this context, the sperm have the chromosome X and Y, while woman has the same chromosome, that is, X and X. It means that if C chromosome of man fertilize chromosome X, the X chromosome will met X chromosome, thus the child will be woman (XX), and if the Y chromosome which fertilize the X chromosome of woman, the X chromosome will meet Y chromosome, thus, the child will be man (XY).

Based on the research, each chromosome has their own characteristic, the Y chromosome is smaller than X, the speed is fast, and it can’t survive in a long period, and it cannot survive in acidic condition. While the X is its opponent. It is slow, and it can live in longer time and also it can survive in acidic condition.

From the fact above, we can conclude that when you want to conceive a baby boy, you should have an intercourse when exactly or as soon as the ovulation occurs, so the Y chromosome can directly fertilize X chromosome.

This method seems little hard to do and it is not simple actually. We need to know the exact time of the ovulation time to pregnancy baby boy. To know it, we should know the regularly time of ovulation within three months. Then we can be sure that the time of ovulation is right. This method will be difficult for woman whose sickle is not regular.

They will not know when the right time for having an intercourse. To know the right ovulation time, sometimes, woman also needs to put kind of thermometer on the vagina to know the basal condition. This takes three months. When, then, one day, the temperature increase, means that the ovulation happen.

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