Chances of Pregnancy from Precum

Chances of pregnancy from precum raise many questions so far. Many people are wondering whether there are big chances of pregnancy from precum. Until now this question are still become an irritating problem for those people who are doing sexual intercourse but do not want to get pregnant.

Through these questions there many research and study that give you the best answer for chances of pregnancy from precum though you still need to be careful about precum when doing sexual intercourse. Precum itself is also called pre-ejaculate fluid that is secreted by bulbourethral gland in male sexual organ.

Precum is pre-semial fluid and produced to clear the way or path of ejaculation. This fluid or precum will be produced in male body during the sexual intercourse at the time the male body is ready to release the sperm. Precum fluid contains of alkaline nature than can neutralize the urine in uretra, so the sperm will be able to pass the path easily without any contamination from the remaining acid urine in urethra.

Since precum fluid is secreted as the lubricant for sperm to release, there are question about if there any chances of pregnancy from precum? If you want to know more about this topic, you can search the information in internet in the health articles. Now there are many health articles that are issued by official websites of health clinics. There is also online consultation so you can share your opinion or asking question.

From many sourches, we can find the wise answer about chances of pregnancy from precum. Well, there are always any risk of pregnancy if we are doing sexual relationship, but the chances of pregnancy from precum is low. It is because precum contains no sperms inside it, but sometimes the remaining sperms that are left in penis after the first ejaculation can flow with the next precum fluid. There is also still chance of pregnancy although the male ejaculate outside the vagina.

From previous studies, we found that the remaining sperms that are left in penis can travel to the vagina during the sexual activity with the precum fluid. In this condition the chance of pregnancy from precum is very high. In addition, sperms can active for about 3 to 4 days in normal circumstances.

Therefore it is highly suggested both for female and male to urinate before and after the sexual intercourse to minimize the chances of pregnancy from precum. Especially for women, you can minimize the chances of pregnancy from precum by urinating after doing the sexual intercourse and clean the vagina by water.

This method will help you minimize the chances of conceiving, but if you really want to not getting pregnant you might better to use condoms or contraception pills to prevent the pregnancy. You can also choose the best time when the female partner is not in the fertile period within her menstrual period.

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