Can a Pap Smear Detect Pregnancy

Can a Pap smear detect pregnancy? There are a lot of women, especially those who have not been pregnant before or the first timers, who currently uttered this question. In fact, Pap smear examination nowadays is used to detect possible cancer ore tumor in women’s bodies. This is a fast procedure which is used for collecting cells’ sample of the women’s cervical area.

The sample is taken to be used to determine or detect whether or not there is an abnormalities within the women’s bodies. However, this question – can a pap smear detect pregnancy – has been very often asked by a lot of curious women who want to have a baby in their family. Although there is no exact confirmation about this issue, some said that Pap smear is indeed able to also detect pregnancy.

Can a Pap Smear Detect PregnancyCan a Pap Smear Detect Pregnancy? The Real Significance

As it has been said before, a Pap smear is an important examination which is used to diagnose abnormal cells. These cells are the indicators of potential stages of cancers within your body. Yes, it is actually not a pregnancy test, indeed.

However, this is indeed very important to be taken during your pregnancy since there are some possibilities that you have some abnormalities which can harm your pregnancy. The doctor is going to swab the vaginal area of pregnant women to see any changes. So, if there are any abnormal changes in their cervix, the doctor will know and take immediate actions.

Can a Pap Smear Detect Pregnancy? Considerations

Pap smear is indeed cannot exactly detect a pregnancy, but it is indeed a part of examinations you can take to monitor your pregnancy. It will not cause miscarriage or harm for your pregnancy. Instead, this kind of pregnancy test will be able to monitor possible risks to your pregnancy so you will get immediate treatment and will not get severe conditions in the future.

Can a Pap Smear Detect Pregnancy? The PossibilityCan a Pap Smear Detect Pregnancy

The misunderstanding of Pap smear as a pregnancy test has been spread rapidly out there since years ago. Therefore, it will be a significant effort to straighten this issue by reading further about Pap smear and pregnancy. Indeed, Pap smear will be done by examining your pelvic, vagina and cervix are of your body. This test will also possibly able to detect a pregnancy in case you have significant different on your uterus’s size.

Probably, that is why this pelvic exam that is said as the proof that Pap smear is able to detect pregnancy. However, it is only an additional occurrence which will not happen to all cases of Pap smear test so it will be not right to count on this test as a pregnancy test. So, can a Pap smear detect pregnancy? The answer is yes but it will be limited on small cases only. If you really want to figure out if you are pregnant, you can ask a urine or blood test to your doctor.

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