Bloody Nose During Pregnancy

Bloody noose during pregnancy is common thing. During pregnancy nosebleeds will occur more because pregnancy can expand the blood vessels in the nose. During the pregnancy, blood supply will be increased therefore it will make create more pressure on those vessels then cause bloody noose during pregnancy.

Bloody noose during pregnancy is considered harmless though it will make you uncomfortable with that. Actually there are many symptoms and other uncomfortable condition during pregnancy. This is because your body is changing during the pregnancy. Your body is adjusting with the new condition and new hormonal changes.

Bloody nose during pregnancy is one of the new conditions that you will face if you are pregnant. In most cases, bloody nose is a common complaint during the pregnancy. As your baby is growing and your pregnancy is developing, you will find increase blood volume.

There, you will face hormonal changing, mood changing, and increasing blood flow. Those conditions will cause nasal problem such as bloody nose, sinus, and headache. As a mother, you have to understand any changes in your body so you will be ready of them and will not feel fear or anxiety to face them. During the pregnancy, your respiratory tract lining will receive more blood as the consequence of hormone stimulation in the blood flow.

This condition can also be the cause of bloody nose. Other pregnancy problem that will occur is sinus infections. This infection may occur about 3 times during the pregnancy. You can have consultation with your doctor about those problems. The doctor will give you the treatments that are harmless for you and your baby health condition.

Bloody nose during pregnancy usually occurs as the following reaction of cold, sinus infection, allergies, or even dried-out membranes inside your nose. It is a good advice to not stay in cold weather and dry environment in a long time since it can cause bloody nose during pregnancy. If you get bloody nose, the first thing you have to do is to sit down and keep your head higher than your heart.

Put some pressure in the nostril for about five to ten minutes. You can use your thumb and pinch the whole soft lower part of your nose wait until the bleeding is stop running. You also use ice and put it over your nose and cheeks. The ice can constrict the blood vessels. Try to not lie down or tilt you head back because it can cause nausea or vomiting.

Usually the bleeding will stop in about then minutes. If the bleeding does not stop until 20 minutes, you have to go to the doctor and check if there is something problem with your health. Although bloody nose during pregnancy is a common problem, but if the bleeding and the frequency is unusual, you had better to go to doctor.

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