Baby Position During Pregnancy

Baby position during pregnancy is probably a usual topic yet quite unfamiliar for a first time pregnant woman. A first timer may be confused and pretty clueless about the facts of this topic since they had never been pregnant before. In fact, there are already a lot of cases of abnormal baby position out there that resulted on dangerous delivery process as well. Therefore, it is very important to get to know about baby position during pregnancy so you can be more aware of this matter when you are pregnant.

Baby position during pregnancy is not the same, it will gradually change from month to month. When the pregnant women’s uterus is still spacious, the fetus will likely change its position. This usually happens when the pregnancy is under the thirty sixth week. This is probably not a big deal since there is still time for the fetus to change its position. However, if the position does not change until the labor time then it can probably cause problem in the process.

Baby Position During PregnancyThere are several types of baby position during pregnancy that commonly occurs. The first and the most common position that normally occurs is vertex position. In this position, the baby turns into a head down position. This normally happens as the womb is preparing the delivery phase of the baby later. The baby in this vertex position is usually face-down but there are also some cases of face-up vertex position and sideways.

Another baby position during pregnancy is breech position. This position is actually an abnormal baby position where the babes do not move head-down. They stay in their breech position with their buttocks near the vagina. This baby position can be a great trouble in the delivery phase later. If you experience this kind of baby position during pregnancy then you better contact your doctor for further solution.

Baby Position During PregnancyIn this case, the doctors out there will probably suggest an external cephalic version. This is a method to help the baby to change its position to a normal vertex position so the labor process will go well.

However, if the baby position cannot be changed even after a cephalic version then you may have to experience a labor through caesarian section.

Another abnormal baby position during pregnancy you have to learn is transverse lie position. This position happens when the baby is small so it can move more freely than a baby with normal size.

Similar to breech position, this transverse lie position is also pretty dangerous for both the baby and the pregnant mother. As for the solution to this medical condition, a caesarian section should be held if the position really does not change when the time to deliver the baby comes.

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