Acupuncture And Fertility

Acupuncture And FertilityAcupuncture and fertility is the two terms that now is talking by many people. Scientists from the Medical University of Maryland, United States (U.S.), states, acupuncture can be used to help the process of pregnancy. Some fertility experts also believe acupuncture is very encouraging. Instead of having cheap prices and simple way, traditional methods of acupuncture are very useful.

For the infertility treatment, acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus, making the cervix relaxes, and inhibits stress hormones that can interfere with the embryo becomes a fetus. Acupuncture therapy is done by stimulating specific points on the body in the meridian system. As a result of stimulation of meridian points that will help balance the bodies hormonal related infertility.

Technical of acupuncture for fertility itself is, if needles stimulate acupuncture points, it will be launched on the meridian energy channels. Then, the body will be harmony or balance and so that the body could avoid disease. Conversely, if there is an interruption in the flow of energy & emotions, it can because health problems to the people include the fertility in woman’s body also.

Infertility problems from the perspective of acupuncture are influenced several factors:

1. Cing a disturbance offspring and entourage (ovarian) and ci-se.

2. Liver through the Sie (blood) and his journey around the genitals organ.

3. Spleen due process Sie (blood)

4. The heart which is the head of an organ or a master Sie (blood)

5. Lung as a Sie (blood) disseminator

6. Meridian ren, sonny & Tay

The methods which are carried out in acupuncture relate to the fertility are

1. Strengthening the five organs of Cun (point source, association, alert, tonifikasi & point of    domination)

2. Strengthening sie (blood), which is the point of dominance sie

3. Strengthening the pelvic area, namely San Yin Ciao

4. Strengthen the Chi (energy) towards the genital, namely Cung Ci

Acupuncture therapy is done 1 time in phase of thickening cervical mucous and mucus cessation of therapy at the time of fertility began to exist. Acupuncture therapy for fertility is applied throughout the menstrual cycle (except during menstruation) with frequency of 2-3 times a week needling.

The therapy was stopped for 1 time of the menstrual cycles after therapy respectively were treated for 2 menstrual cycles. Acupuncture therapy can be discontinued once the patient is undergoing three treatment series in a row and as long as it does not show signs of pregnancy.

After this acupuncture process, woman should keep the healthy life by avoiding food contain bad nutrition and should consume many health food such as fruit, and other food which contain good nutrition. Moreover, keep your healthy by doing sport also important in keeping the fertility after acupuncture process.

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